Doctor thesis

  • Robles, L.R. (2017.3) A research on the significance of migrants` social capital in disaster risk reduction and recovery.
  • Sun, K. (2016.3) The current conditions and protection of wetlands and cranes in china. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Itagawa, S. (2016.8) Means for an ecological design to increase biodiversity on the basis of the ecology of Odonata and Orthoptera. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Chen, W. (2014.3) Comparative study on climatic sensitivities and expansion of glacial lakes on the northern and southern slopes of the Himalayan summit region over the past three decades (1976 - 2008).

Master thesis

  • Ariga, J. (2017.3) A study on transition of "Ecology" in the context of landscape design -through analysis of descriptions of works-. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Ito, S. (2017.3) Research of judging escape route of tourist for tsunami in Kamakura city. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Shimizu, K. (2015.3) A study on platform design made by transfers since Great East Japan Earthquake. (in Japanse with English abstract)
  • Nageishi, M. (2014.3) A proposal of revitalizing tourism in Awaji Island. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Galbreath, D.M. (2012.9) Urbanization and its Implications for Avian Aggression: A Case Study of Urban Black Kites (Milvus migrans) along Sagami Bay in Japan.
  • Sasaki, K. (2012.9) Distribution patterns of Lucidophyllous species into abandoned secondary forest in Komayama, Kanagawa Prefecture. (in Japanse with English abstract)
  • Sun, K. (2011.3) Water management methods to restore reed wetlands in Xianghai, China. (in Japanse with English abstract)
  • Itagawa, S. (2010.9) Evaluations of ecological network in urban area based on habitat information. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Koyama, A. (2010.3) Design and evaluation of woody biomass utilization system in Iwaki-Soso Area, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Yamada, H. (2009.3) A study of the Tokyo Bay area waterfront landscape during the Edo Era. (in Japanase with English abstract) 

Graduation thesis


  • Adzhar, R. (2018.3) Impact of deforestation on traditional Temiar hunting and farming in Gua Musang, Kelantan. pdf
  • Akuzawa, M. (2018.3) A proposal of “Trap Owner System” and making business plan. pdf
  • Kanda, M. (2018.3) The observation and analysis about the transitions of human’s well-being through electroencephalogram in real nature, unreal nature and artificial objects. pdf
  • Yuasa, H. (2018.3) Preference of nesting plant of harvest mouse in Yato environment at Kanagawa Prefecture. pdf


  • Kawagoe, S. (2017.3) Tsunami countermeasure and education of schools in Fujisawa and regional collaboration. pdf
  • Kyomoto, K. (2017.3) The effect of environmental education program on understanding of insect morphology using butterflies and dragonflies in elementary school - case study on development and implementation of environmental education program at Kawasaki Elementary School -. pdf
  • Matsumoto, L. (2017.3) A study on relationship between local government antenna shops and "earthquake disaster reconstruction". pdf
  • Mizumura, H. (2017.3) Breeding season prey items of young Northern Goshawks Accipiter gentilis in central Tokyo. pdf
  • Nakao, K. (2017.3) Geographical variation in the song of the Japanese tit and speciation - case study of Miyake Island, Izu Seven Archipelago. pdf
  • Natsukawa, H. (2017.3) Environmental factors affecting the reproductive performance of northern goshawks breeding in isolated forests fragmented by urbanization. pdf
  • Shimizu, T. (2017.3) Habitat and genetic diversity of Cynops pyrrhogaster in SATOYAMA − A case of terrace paddy fields in Kanagawa prefecture −. pdf
  • Tanaka, M. (2017.3) Provision of information about tsunami protection measures for foreign tourists visiting Japan of accommodations in Kamakura City. pdf
  • Yamamoto, K. (2017.3) The web nature school: considerations and proposal for a nature experience promotion strategy. pdf


  • Yasue, D. (2016.3) The effects of environmental education using dragonflies at Kawasaki Elementary School : Evaluating the educational effectiveness by pictures. pdf
  • Sakamoto, K. (2016.9) An evaluation of green infrastructure implementation in Endo, Kanagawa prefecture, focusing on runoff volume reduction. pdf


  • Ariga, J. (2015.3) Study on Factory Green Space as a Habitat of Insects - A case study in ISUZU Motor Limited Fujisawa Plant. pdf
  • Ito, S. (2015.3) Analyzing suitability selection of evacuation building and evacuation open space by indicators of evacuation area - Focus on Kamakura city. pdf
  • Shima, K. (2015.3) A study on transition of water way of agricultural canals, focusing on Nikaryo-Canal in Kanazawa Prefecture. pdf
  • Yoshino, H. (2015.3) Analysis of present condition and effect of information transmission in temporary shopping mall in Kesennuma city, Miyagi prefecture. pdf


  • Kawagoe, K. (2014.9) Developing new package travel tours of the Yoshidaguchi Climbing Trail in Fujiyoshida City. (in Japanese with English abstract) pdf
  • Sato, K. (2014.3) Training program for a tour guide in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. (in Japanese with English abstract) pdf
  • Suemasa, Y. (2014.3) The research to find better use of the Facebook pages for sharing and transmitting information at prefab shopping districts in Kesennuma city, Miyagi.  (in Japanese with English abstract) pdf
  • Takubo, H. (2014.3) In rural exchanges and information dissemination power through agricultural extension activities in Kesennuma city “fisher village” , Miyagi Prefecture. (in Japanese with English abstract) pdf


  • Miyashita, T. (2013.3) A study on changes of evaluations to the street structure as to urban planning in center of Shizuoka city -Noticing the consciousness of urban design based on streets-. (in Japanese) pdf
  • Mizuno, S. (2013.3) The effect of urban green space on people’s preferences. (in Japanese) pdf
  • Nakatsuka, M. (2013.3) Education programs about Mt. Fuji region in elementary and junior high schools in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. (in Japanese) pdf
  • Okada, E. (2013.3) Role of Iwasaki Family making Kiyosumi Garden public. (in Japanese) pdf
  • Shimizu, K. (2013.3) Proposeing " facebook platform design " for Reconstruction of Great East Japan Earthquake stricken areas. (in Japanese with English abstract) pdf


  • Ichino, K. (2012.9) Proposal for the spread of geothermal power generation. (in Japanese) pdf


  • Kawata, C. (2011.3) Decision making of community cats' activity. pdf
  • Ogimoto, O. (2011.3) Development and effect validation of environmental education program for study and observation about wildlife at urban green, using sign and web pages for cell phone. (in Japanese) pdf
  • Yagishita, Y. (2011.3) An attempt of improving the diet of Muslims in Japan using WebGIS. (in Japanese with English abstract) pdf


  • Kuratani, N. (2010.3) Water quality fluctuation of an irrigation channel in abandoned rice paddy fields in Koza Hills, Kanagawa Prefecture. (in Japanese with English abstract) pdf
  • Nakamura, K. (2010.3) Proposal of a pedestrian network for aged people in Tokyo Bay Area. (in Japanese) pdf


  • Hara, M. (2009.3) The type and frequency of participation of members of civic groups engaging in Satoyama preservation - problems and suggestion on continual activity-. (in Japanese with English abstract) pdf